How to Save the Earth
汐止汐科分校 Intensive 2B Queena Chang

We should all take care of the planet Earth because we only have one. I like Earth and I want to help it. There are a lot of different ways to help save our planet. To save the earth, we should not waste water, we should recycle paper and we should stop pollution.

Firstly, we should not waste water because we want to sustain the planet. We need water to live so we must not abuse it. Secondly, we should begin to recycle paper because if we save the paper, then we can save the trees. Lastly, we should stop all types of pollutions. The ecosystems need to remain clean and pure. That's why we need to do our best to protect them, and if we do all of these things, we will have a better quality of life. It's in our hands!



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