If I Could Fly
大安仁愛分校 Immersion G3 Eunice Jiang

It would be great if I could fly. First, I would fly to school every day, so I would not be late. It would be better than walking. I would fly higher than Taipei 101 and enjoy the scenery on my way to school. If my mom or dad were almost late for work, I would take them to the sky and fly to their offices.

Next, I would like to see all the scenery of Taiwan at once. I would go on a trip and fly with my parents, my aunt, and my brother. We will visit many landmarks and eat delicious food. Last, I could even fly to other countries. Imagine flying to Japan or the United States for free! I would not need to pay for plane tickets because that would be a waste of money.\

In short, there are so many places I could go and things I could do if I could fly. Sometimes, I dream about flying when I sleep at night, and I wish I could actually fly!




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