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中壢新街分校 Immersion G2 Justin

My best friend is Woody. We study at the same elementary school, and also study together at Eagle. We met at Eagle two years ago. He is tall and thin. His hair is short and his eyes are small. His nose is small, but his mouth is big. He has black short hair. He is handsome. He is ten years old and 139cm. He likes PE in school. He likes to read comic books in his free time. We read comic books together sometimes. He likes to play games on an iPad at home. He is good at running. He likes many animals, such as elephants, tigers, and monkeys. I like being with Woody, because he is funny. He always makes me happy and he will play with me after I finish my homework in Eagle. Sometimes he will let me borrow his comic books. When we study together, we like to eat cookies. We also like to play on an iPad together. We have a lot of things in common, and we spend lots of time together. That’s why Woody is my best friend.

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三重五華分校 Standard 4A Paul Chen

My mom always tells me to wear a bike helmet when I’m riding a bike. She bought me a very expensive bike helmet and wants me to wear it. I really love that helmet. I like to tell everyone to wear a helmet because it keeps you safe. Even presidents wear helmets when they are riding a bike. My dad and I often go to the park to ride our bikes. But he never wears a helmet. I constantly ask him to wear one. Unfortunately he never listens to me. Maybe he thinks he is a professional. I really hope everyone can wear a bike helmet when they are riding a bike. Wearing a bike helmet is the safest way to ride. You can buy a bike helmet in a sport store or a bicycle repair store. A bike helmet is important for everyone. You also need to remember that riding a bike can keep you healthy. In conclusion, I believe that we should be required to wear a bike helmet because it definitely can save your life one day.

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竹北新社分校 Standard 3B Joanne Wang

I have had a long dream to travel and explore the world. It's always exciting to plan a trip with my family. This summer, my dad made all of my wishes come true with a trip to the United States of America. After a long flight, we arrived in Los Angeles. I was happy because I would not need to eat disgusting food anymore. We spent a few days in L.A. seeing the sights and then caught a domestic flight to West Yellowstone. Yellowstone has many geysers and the most famous one is Old Faithful. Old faithful is very spectacular and lasts for two minutes when it erupts. Later, on our way back to the hotel, our trip was delayed by a herd of bison in the road. They moved on after two hours when park rangers shooed them away. At last, we made it back to our lodge and had a sweet dream. The following day, we stopped by a beautiful Yellowstone Lake. As we took in the scenery, something moving on the ground nearby caught my eye. After a closer look, I realized it was a snake and shouted for everyone to get back to avoid a bite. Snakes can be scary, but we were lucky to see so much wildlife on our trip. In addition to snakes and bison, we also saw: wolves, ground squirrels, deer, elk, grizzly bears, hawks, and many more. Another memorable experience was rafting on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. While rafting, our tour guide found a family of beavers near the river bank. We started counting and were amazed to find that there were ten in all! During our rafting trip, we were also lucky to see a bald eagle sitting on its best. The rafting trip was awesome! After rafting, we went to a restaurant for dinner. At the restaurant, my mother was having difficulty reading the English menu and when it came to order, she randomly chose one of the steaks on the menu. The menu did not have prices and we later learned when we went to the cashier, that my mom had ordered the most expensive food on the menu. We all had a laugh about it, but my mother felt embarrassed, so she asked me to order for her next time. Another experience that I will never forget is horseback riding. The coach taught us how to ride and joined us on our ride. My horse was very playful and often chased the other horses. The coach lead us to a river bed where it was beautiful watching the horses splash in the water as they trotted. He was very knowledgeable about the environment, teaching me about the plants and animals in the area. He also taught me about forest fires and how they affect the area. On our way back to the riding center, we had the horse jump over a series of short bushes. Soon after, we were on an airplane leaving Yellowstone where I sat and I recalled what had happened during our visit. I am lucky to be a student at American Eagle Institute, because if I weren't, I would not have the English ability needed for our trip to America. I will always be grateful to my dad for taking us to America for our summer vacation. It is a memory that I will cherish my entire life.

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彰化民生分校 Intensive 2B Claire Tsai

My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. Last Chinese New Year, my family and I went to play. We went to a farm where there are cows, sheep, and horses. My favorite animals at the farm are rabbits. When my mom saw a snake, she screamed! To Celebrate Chinese New Year we went to a shooting range. My father said I could try to shoot, but the coat was too heavy for me. So, I didn't shoot any guns. We went to an amusement park too. I played so many games and rode on so many rides. I played on a swinging boat, and carousel. Next Chinese New Year, I will celebrate with my family again. Next time, I would like to fly in an air balloon. I would like to go to see deer too. I would really like to go to Paris for Chinese New Year.

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  • May 05 Thu 2016 09:00
  • 2080

高雄龍華校 Intensive 3C Peter

Last week, I used a time machine and traveled to the world in 2080. The year 2080 was very technologically advanced. People drove flying cars. The flying cars are faster than a Bugatti Veyron. Some rich people even had spacecraft! Going to Mars on the weekend was very normal to them. It just takes ten minutes! The year 2080 was technologically advanced, but the environment was awful. When I went to the beach, I didn’t see any animals or plants in the sea. I could only see animals in the zoo. The Amazon Rainforest was just about half as big as in 2016. People didn’t have natural food. The food people ate was unnatural. I think we should stop destroying the Earth. I also gave a technology idea from the future to the government. I hope the year 2080 will become better after I do that.

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苗栗竹南分校 Standard 2D Andre Chen

One day, when I woke up, I looked around. I couldn't see anything.
All I could see is darkness. Everywhere was dark. I wanted to find some light.
I heard some voice approaching my bedroom.
Who was standing outside my bedroom? The door was open. My mother was coming!
She brought a candle to me!
There was a fire on the candle, and then I was able to see the light! My mother told me, “Your bedroom lights are broken!”

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台中永春分校 Intensive 2B Ryder Wey

“Wow! I’m so happy about the meeting in Paris. Our grandchildren can have a good future!” cried my teacher. Last week, one hundred and ninety countries had a climate change meeting in Paris. They agreed to control carbon emissions to stop the Earth getting hotter. Now the world is two degrees hotter than before. In Taiwan we can even see typhoons in December! That’s so strange! So now we must use more wind power, water power and solar power and stop using so much oil, gas and coal. We use too much coal to make power in Taichung. The air is also polluted because of burning coal. We can use the wind power instead of burning coal to get power, and in our cars we can use electricity instead of gas. Everyone needs to stop making too much CO2 in their lives. We hope this Paris meeting can protect our grandchildren and save the Earth. There are more things you can do to help save the Earth; it’s easier than you think. Let’s start to save our world!




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板橋中山分校 Intensive 2C Camille Huang



I woke up on a strange island. I just had a knife, some matches, and medicine. I needed to use these three things to live on this island. I used a tree and some big leaves to make a house and used bamboo to make traps to catch animals. I used big rocks to write SOS on the beach, and found some wood and matches to make a fire. I went to a beach to find some food. I used bamboo and wood to make a fishing rod to go fishing and then started a fire to make dinner. Four weeks later, I saw a cargo ship come. I used the matches to make a big fire, and the ship stopped. They took me back to my home, and my parents were very surprised. Finally, I work up again, and found out that it was just a dream. Oh, What A Dream!




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台南文元分校 Intensive 2B Carol Chen

My mom and dad took my brother and me to the island of Hsiao Liuchiu for our summer vacation. We woke up at 6:30 in the morning and drove the car to Pingtung to take the ferry. The ship was called Ta-Fu. It was very windy, so the ship went up and down on the water. It went so fast as if we were riding a Pirate ship in an amusement park. Everyone was screaming, but I laughed a lot. When we arrived on the island, my parents rented two scooters. My dad took my brother and my mom took me. That was the first time my mom drove me with a scooter. I was so excited along the way. They took us to many different places. First, we went to the beach and played in the sea. The beach was beautiful and the breeze was lovely. The waves felt so cool when they touched my feet and legs. There were many starfish and I even found a hermit crab there. I had a lot of fun playing with my brother at the beach! My favorite site was the gazebo because I could see big turtles from there. They climbed up rocks slowly and were so cute. The military base was another interesting place we visited. It was a dark and quiet underground cave. My dad told me where cannons were before. Though I was a little scared, I thought it was exciting. I like Hsiao Liuchiu. I hope I can go back in the future! Bye-bye, Hsiao Liuchiu. See you next time!

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  • May 05 Tue 2015 10:31
  • MOSH

宜蘭羅東分校 Intensive 3B Angelina



My dad gave a robot to me, because today is my
birthday.My robot’s name is MOSH.It looks big and strong.
It’s white. It’s very smart and it can do many things. It can
run,fly,swim,write and walk. One day, we cleaned out the
trash from our yard. Some people played ball in the yard,

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大溪仁善分校 Intensive 1C Susan Liu


Taiwan's Black Bear

In Taiwan, there are many special animals, one of my favorite animals is Taiwan Black Bear. They are unique and special.

Taiwan’s Black Bear is very famous because there are only a few left in Taiwan. They are all black but on their neck is a white patch of fur in the shape of a “V”. They don’t grow too big but they are not that small either. They live in the high mountain forests. They are all protected by the government, so they can live happily, in freedom and safety.

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台北復興分校 Intensive 3C Howard


Rainforest Birds

Besides fascinating animals, like sloths, alligators and jaguars, many kinds of interesting birds live in the Amazon rainforest. The reason the rainforest is a great habitat for birds is that there are many big, tall trees in the forest. Here birds can make their homes and they can be safe from big animals (like jaguars). Two of my favorite rainforest birds are humming birds and parrots.

A humming bird is a small bird that is quite different from other birds. It is very colorful, has tiny wings, a short tail and a long beak. Its main source of food is the nectar from flowers and it uses its long beak to drink it. Amazingly, the humming bird can flap its wings hundreds of times in a second. Like a helicopter, it can fly in any direction. It can even fly backwards. Did you know there are three hundred and fifty different kinds of hummingbirds? One kind is the smallest bird in the world and is only five centimeters tall.

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A trip to Vancouver

Last summer, my mom planned a trip for my grandma and me to go to Vancouver. It was my second visit to a North American city. It was exactly what I expect it to be like. Some places are cold even in the summer. Fortunately, my grandma and I were well-prepared for such different weather. During this trip, we fully enjoyed the nature of the city and took side trips to nearby island and a ski resort called Revelstoke.

Vancouver is not like Taiwan. Instead of buildings and cars, there are more mountains, lakes and greenery. Some special lakes are formed from snow that melted on the mountains. Some of the lakes are shaped like animals! Trees are everywhere in Vancouver. The natural beauty makes this town attractive.

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﹝Student’s Work 學生作品﹞  

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台南崇學分校 Standard 2D Oreo

台南崇學分校 Standard 2D Oreo    

If I could design my own perfect house, I would design it to be like a robot house. I would install all of the newest technology available and update it all the time. I would build this house somewhere in the USA so I could also have a lot of land.

My robot house would be very clean and efficient. My house would be able to instantly clean up anything I throw onto the floor. If I am done with my food, I just put the plate on the floor and the house will clean it and then put the plate away by itself. It would also be able to cook, do laundry, and cut the grass all on its own.

My robot house would also protect me when I am in danger. If a thief wants to go inside, the door would close and hit him in the face. Then, it would capture him as he tries to escape. That way the police can capture him and take him to jail.

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四維旗艦校 Standard 3A Ruby Wang


In the future, everyone will have a robot, but my robot will be the best! When you are just a baby, your dad and mom will buy it for you. When your parents are not around, the robot will accompany you. You won’t be lonely. It will be just like your twin sister.

My robot will be very useful. It will be for time traveling especially. When I watch TV, it will help me to stop the time. When I cannot finish my studying, it will help me.

It will also be a great cleaner. It will clean the bathroom and scrub the floor. Another thing it can do will be washing my dog, including cleaning her droppings.

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頭份建國分校 菁英班 2C Ina Chen


There were two children: a girl named Kitty, and a boy named Bob. They were good friends and always played with each other. One cold winter morning, Kitty shouted, “Snow!” Bob heard this and quickly woke up. He said, “So pretty!” They went outside and made a snowman. Bob made a big snowball and Kitty made a small one. They put the small snowball on the big one and then put a hat on the snowman.

Suddenly, their mother told them to come back, so they went home. That night, the snowman was very sad. One deer walked by. Its name was Max. Max said, “Hello,” but the snowman did not answer. Max saw that the snowman didn’t have a mouth, so Max gave him a cucumber and two chocolates. Now the snowman could see with his new chocolate eyes, and talk with the cucumber mouth. “Thank you,” said the snowman. “You’re welcome,” Max said before he went away.
The next morning, Kitty and Bob were sick so they didn’t go outside. But the snowman saw a flying animal. It was a bird called Emily. “Hello!” said Emily. “Hello”, the snowman answered. “My feathers are so soft. You can touch them!” said Emily. “Sorry,” the snowman said, “but I don’t have hands.” He was so sad. Emily said, “I’m going to build my nest, so I can give you two sticks to be your hands!” She flew away and came back with the sticks. She put the sticks on the snowman. “Bye! Bye!” said Emily. “Bye!” said the snowman. That night was very cold. He saw a rabbit hopping home. “Hello, my name is Dora,” said the rabbit. “Hello, I’m Snowman,” he said. Dora asked, “Why don’t you have a nose?” He replied, “Two children made my body, one deer gave me eyes and a mouth. A bird gave me my hands. I don’t have a nose.” Dora said, “I have some carrots. I can give you one!” “Thank you very much!” said the snowman. Dora placed the carrot on his face. The next morning, the kids ran outside. “A REAL SNOWMAN!” Kitty said. “THIS IS AMAZING!” Bob yelled. That day, the snowman was happy because he had a lot of friends.

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Chinese New Year  

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