A trip to Vancouver

Last summer, my mom planned a trip for my grandma and me to go to Vancouver. It was my second visit to a North American city. It was exactly what I expect it to be like. Some places are cold even in the summer. Fortunately, my grandma and I were well-prepared for such different weather. During this trip, we fully enjoyed the nature of the city and took side trips to nearby island and a ski resort called Revelstoke.

Vancouver is not like Taiwan. Instead of buildings and cars, there are more mountains, lakes and greenery. Some special lakes are formed from snow that melted on the mountains. Some of the lakes are shaped like animals! Trees are everywhere in Vancouver. The natural beauty makes this town attractive.

Vancouver Island was also full of greenery. We took a gigantic ferry to the island. We parked our car in it and then went upstairs. On the ferry, there were restaurants, shops and vending machines. After we arrived, we first visited the public market. They were selling fish, vegetables, fruits, drawings and anything else you can think of. We also went to the Butchert Gardens. We stayed to see the fireworks at night. Unlike Taiwanese culture, Canadians have leisurely lives.

There’s a wonderful hotel in a place called Revelstoke. The rooms in the hotel are big and nice, and their beds were so comfortable. There were pools, restaurants and skiing trails at the hotel. There were numerous bear’s statues of various sizes in it too. In the morning, we took the gondola up a mountain to have breakfast at sunrise. Everything looks so small from up there.

I like Vancouver for its amazing views. Taiwan would be a better place if it has more greenery like Vancouver. The best part that I enjoyed is our stay at Revelstoke. If I have another chance, I will go to Vancouver again. I hope the next time I’m there; it’s still a gorgeous place.

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